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Dredging and Reclamation

Dredging Contractors

LAXYO ENERGY LIMITED's dredging vertical started in December 2015. We are part of Laxyo Group, a reputable, Madhya Pradesh based group of companies with a lineage of more than 50 years. We are here to provide unparalleled services to our clients. We offer Dredging and Reclamation services including operation and maintenance of portable dredgers. Backed by an enthusiastic team of qualified experts, we aim to establish ourselves in the private sector as a major dredging company.

Our dredging services include:

  • Capital dredging and maintenance dredging of harbors and ports
  • Dredging of rivers and canals for irrigation and waterways
  • De-silting lakes, reservoirs and ash ponds in steel plants
  • Maintaining the intake channels in power plants
  • Offshore pipeline trenching & Bacfilling
  • Geophysical and hydrographic surveys
  • Underwater photography and diving services
  • Maintenance dredging
  • Land Reclamation
  • Rock Dredging (Under water drilling & Controlled blasting)

What is dredging?

Dredging refers to the underwater excavation of silt, soil and sand. The process of dredging comprises of these below mentioned steps:

  • Underwater Dredging: This is done by deploying back hoe dredgers / grab dredgers / cutter suction dredgers and Trailer suction dredgers
  • Transporting the dredged material: This is done by following methods:
    • Slurry dredged material is transported through pipeline from the cutter suction dredger to the dumping ground.
    • Slurry/rock dredged materials is transported through self propelled dump barge or non propelled dump barge from the Back hoe dredger to the dumping in offshore
    • Dry dredged material is transported by road on a vehicle.
    • Slurry/sand dredged materials is transported though Trailer Suction hopper from the Trailer Suction dredger to the dumping in offshore
    • Subsequent use of dredged material: This is also done through two steps such as:
      •  Land development and land reclamation of low lying areas
      •  Building dams to fend floods

Laxyo Group provide rental dredging equipment. We have extensive experience and knowledge of the complexities of river sand extraction with complex dredging and reclamation operations. we use of high power suction pumps for extraction of sand from the river. With we provide one of the best services, which requires that we provide your paging and Analyze Reclamation tasks and provide excellent advice.

With strict attention to quality of service, we want to maintain transparency with our clients, employees, business associates, the society and the environment. We as dredging contractors have blended corporate social responsibilities and growth strategies and have put in place efficient systems to ensure the safety of our employees and the safety of the environment.

We are a trusted service provider of a large array of dredging equipment rental. These services are admired for their client-centric approach and best quality equipment’s. It is most important to select best suitable type of dredger as per project site need. We will consulting you to dredging services as per your work needs.

Our Objectives

  • Navigation: To build basins, harbors, jetties, canals and other facilities and/or to develop, maintain, expand or otherwise to improve essential navigation connections to inland harbors and ports, so as to promote transportation of people, material and equipment using the waterways. Both capital as well as maintenance dredging helps to achieve this goal.
  • Construction and Reclamation: To supply construction material like sand, clay, gravel and shell. To provide landfills, including the construction of residential and industrial areas, dams, airports and highways etc.
  • Flood Control: To improve or maintain the discharge or flow capabilities of channels, rivers and other waterways by maintaining or enlarging the cross section or by re-aligning the water courses.
  • Environmental Remediation: To remove or clean up the sub-aquedus or underwater pollutants from contaminated water bodies to improve the quality of water. As a matter of fact,Dredger service providers contributes a lot to the development, environmental and economic sectors of most countries.

Our organization is actively involved in offering excellent Dredging equipment on rent services to the clients at reasonable charges. We assure that the equipment, we provide on rent, are in perfect working condition. Our rental solutions are available at the lowest charges. So, avail our services now.

We have CSD dredging machine for different types of challenging projects.

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