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Raise Boring Contractors In India

Laxyo group offers turn-key raise boring contracting services with a wide scope of services for raise boring, including blind boring up and down as well as vertical and horizontal drilling. Our services are useful for ventilation purposes along with shifting of ore from one to other level/location. The ventilation so made by our company are good enough to be used for hoisting purpose and some time for the movement of man or material as per the requirement of the mine owner for underground mining. Our team is capable of handling complete range of raise boring operations with required diameter and depth of shafts/ openings. Raise boring offers several advantages over the conventional drill and blast method. Our most important aspects are safety, speed, physical characteristics of the completed holeand smoothly finished shafts for ultimate cost reduction.

Advantages of Raise Boring:

  • No worker needs to be present while excavation is on
  • Reduced Cost
  • Faster progress
  • Less damage to surrounding rock, thus minimum support is needed
  • Smooth, stable walls, lead resistance for ventilation.

Our fleet provides flexible, fit for purpose solutions to any mining or common raise borer project in the country. Our raise bore ability can be incorporated into a contract mining service or provided standalone as dry hire, or wet hire using our highly skilled and experienced operators. As per needs of the client, our process starts with detailed study of the location, area, underground elements, geology of the area. We proceed with:

  • Analysis or Surveying: We have the team of geological experts to understand complete location, compositions of rocks, and mining activities as of stream works.
  • Reaching to the metals ore.
  • Extraction of ore from rocks, breaking down process.
  • Transferring ore to the surface.
  • Ore- Processing operation and maintenance activities.
  • Amalgamation of ore.

With its equipment, Laxyo raise boring division is able to drill shafts also with offering customized solutions for vertical, inclined and sub-horizontal shafts as well as for shaft enlarging.

Our area of expertise:

  • Raising and shaft widening
  • Diameter enlargements
  • Reaming
  • Pilot drilling

Keeping in mind the various needs of the clients, Laxyo Energy are engaged in rendering Tunnel Boring Service in India. There are many operations and tasks that we perform efficiently and safely. These are rendered using the latest technology. With constant support and greatest efforts by our experienced professionals, we provide our clients with the best. Apart from this, we are vertical tunnelling contractors and handle many complex projects.

Safety is the most important features of our mining services, as integrated safe mining facilities are provided for complete safer mining methodologies. Adoption of right operations for machines, observance of gas, proper use of equipment, machineries, electric equipment etc. helps us to avoid risk of outburst. We understand the mining effect on the environment and operate with a safe environment friendly mining procedure.

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