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Operation and Maintenance Contractors

Operation and Maintenance Services for Power Plants

Laxyo has been emerged as one of the prominent service providers for ‘Operation & Maintenance’ for different sectors included private and government both.

We are offering operation and maintenance (O&M) services largely for power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, Dairy plant etc. With an aim to expand ourselves we have started providing a wide range of services specifically for coal, gas, thermal, waste heat recovery boilers and co-generation power plants, Refineries, Steel Plants, Chemical Plants, Dairy, and Cement Plants, water softening plants, turbine generators.

Laxyo group now has become one of the leading Operation and Maintenance Service Company in India. Our reorganization is created by our work.

We perform thorough analysis and research on O&M information related to development and implementation process, and delivers quality services. Being an integral service providers for operation and maintenance (O&M), we at Laxyo energy monitors and evaluate each and every minute point as required by different industries including spares, consumables, resources, fuel consumption, chemicals etc.

Our range for O&M work is included with the package of:

  • Operation and maintenance service ( O&M ) for all different verticals.
  • Commissioning services for the plant.
  • Break down maintenance services for all equipments.

We are taking over the operation and maintenance (O&M) projects for:

  • Power plants (Thermal/Waste Heat Recovery/Bio Mass)
  • Cement plants
  • D. M. Plants / RO plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Steel plants
  • Maintenance for raw material handling plants.

Laxyo; Specialised in the services and works on turnkey basis. An operation and Maintenance service at Laxyo group includes:

  • Scheduling and preparing preventive maintenance process.
  • Balanced to ensure adherence and maintenance schedules.
  • Implementation of operation and maintenance schedule.
  • Improvement in auxilary power consumption.
  • Development of defective notification system.
  • Maintaining a defect free plant.
  • Rectification of the process.
  • Development of inventory, managing all consumables including spare parts, tools, quantity management.
  • Finally, provides to maintain plants with exceptional availability and ability to operate with high efficiency.

Additional services at Laxyo for O&M work. At Laxyo group we provide you with complete resource and support on:

  • Commissioning services for new plants.
  • Required technical Support to owner.
  • Procedure for operators.
  • Informative training sessions.
  • Recruitment for skilled staff.
  • Internal management process and safe environmental procedure.

Our process of complete Operation and Maintenance is included with a complete plan which is based on latest market trends, quantity, quality, pricings. Understand the requirement of customers and provides to them with best optimal plan for Operation and Maintenance Services. Owner can also be delight with our online/offline MIS system.

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